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The ancestors Billiou / Billiau and Barlow

The furthest in the past branch of our ancestors, which lead to the ancestors Schmoldt, they are the ancestors Billau (Billiau, Billaud, Billiou). They come from the north of France, the department of Nord, the District of La Bassee. The area was formerly once the county of Flanders and the County of Artois. After the wars between France, Spain and the Netherlands came in the middle of the 17th century under Louis XIV, the area to France. Today the catchment area of the city Lille belongs to the area from which the Ancestry Family Lefevre and Billau originate. In the records there to Billious (also Billaud, Billiau or Bilyeu) in some distant ancestor divergent life data.

I. Thomas Billiou - 1540-1579 - was the ancestor of the families Billau (other spellings or names answers were also Billiou, Bilyeu, Billaud, Billau, Billiau, Biljou, Biljouw, Balliou). Born in 1570 Thomas Billiou was his son. The data in the database and the Mormons, which can be found on Ancestry, soft, however, are different. Also to the person Jean Jacques Billiou are contradictory. There is a book (no longer available), in which the author about the family Billiou and the contradictions takes a position, as follows on this subject ... Mary Greenawalt Murphy in her book "Billiou/Bileau Family, including Polhemus and Seubring Families," 1991, published by the author, Claverack, New York, states that research has shown that a Jean Billiou accompanied son Pierre, when Pierre became betrothed at the Walloon church in Leyden, Holland. A first name of Jean was given in the church record and Jeacq or Jacques in the civil registration of the marriage (remember this was Holland, and official records would be in the Dutch language). The author notes that Jean is probably brother to Abigail and Anna Billiou and son of Thomas and Aime. Pierre is estimated to have been born Abt 1625. Aimee was buried 1 Jul 1621 in Leyden and is therefore more likely the grandmother of Pierre. .. Huguenot (a.k.a. French Protestant).

The ancestors listed below Barlow from England and are the direct ancestors of Ann Aimee Billiou, born Barlow. Her parents were Henry Barlow (1552-1613) and Margaret (born 1554), both located in the small village of Prestbury in Cheshire in the North West of England. They had nine children. The oldest was Ann Aime, she was born in 1573 in Prestbury / Cheshire. The youngest daughter Mary was born in 1589. Then there were seven sons of the couple who were called Edward, Henry jun., Lawrence, John Randall (* 1583), William and Robert. William Barlow (* 1585), there is a Family Trees Barlow (Barlow Family from Ireland), who had emigrated to Ireland in the early 17th century; Barlow those families were Catholic faith. The time of change in England in the 16th and 17th centuries - especially since the founding of the Anglican Church call - were a reason to emigrate to Ireland, especially for Catholics. How come the descendants of Randall Barlow, who was a brother of Ann Aime, from Ireland. Those Barlow families are also referred to as "the Barlows from Ireland" to prevent confusion with other Barlow also to families.

The father of Henry Barlow was also named Henry (1530-1576). The further back reaching ancestors of the paternal line were Humphrey Barlow (1500-1558), Alexander Barlow (1458-1527), Alexander Barlow (1414-1466), Nicholas Barlow (1393-1431), John (Jenkin) Barlow (1375-1400) and Sir John de Barlow (1350 - 1400) from Barlow Hall, Cheshire, England. The wife of John Jenkin Barlow (1375-1400) was Joan de Holland (1379 to 12/04/1434). Her father was Richard de Holland. Access is via its genealogy back to the time of the Middle Ages, luxury brands from England such as the home Blois. The most distant ancestors were Roger Barlow de Barlow (1325 - 1354), Robert de Barlow (1275 - 1334), Sir Thomas Barlow (1250 - 1300) from Chorlton, Lancashire, England, Robert Barlow (born 1230), Thomas Barlow (born 1200) and Thomas Barlow (1180-1204) from Lancashire, England. The Barlows are, inter alia, be found on the websites of www.familysearch.org. The Mormons (Holy Church of Jesus Christ) have made in the last decades by many people from all over the world microfilming of parish registers and other registers, as well as by our ancestors Barlow. The building in which several generations of the Barlow family once lived there way today. It was named after the family name - Barlow Hall.

About Pierre Billiou - grandson of Thomas and Ann Billiou Aime Billiou (nee Barlow) - there is next life data. He was born in Lille (or La Bassee) in 1625, and married his wife Francoise Dubois on 20.04.1649 in the Walloon Church (French Reformed Church) in Leiden, South Holland. On this occasion he was accompanied by Jean Jacques Billiou (Jeacq Biljou). His second wife was married to Pierre Gerritje on 19/01/1696; Pierre died on 06.01.1708 in Stanton Iceland, Richmond, New York. Pierre Billiou was before he emigrated to America, imprisoned for two years in the Bastille in Paris. Pierre Billiou that is not my direct ancestor, is mentioned here because it embodies the branch of emigrated to the United States Billious (Bilyeu) and is the ancestor of living in America Billious. In contrast, his brother Jean Billiau (Billaud) was born in 1620 in Wicres, France, the ancestor of all living descendants in Europe with the branches of the family Lefevre and Billau.

II. Thomas Billiou - Thomas Billiou (Biljou, Bilyeu, Bailliuw, Billau) was born about 1570 and died about the year 1635 Wicres, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Nord Departetment in France. According to another source is the death date 07/23/1639, death place: Camebridge, Camebridge Derbyshire, England. His wife was Ann Aime Barlow, born in 1573 Wicres, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, northern France - died in Jahr1622 in Leiden, South Holland). Her husband was a French Protestant (Huguenot). They had a son named Jean (Jean Jacques / * 1595, which can be found in the Regional Archive / Regionaal Archief Leiden under the name Jeacq Biljou an entry (confirmed by a notary); this is as follows: Jeacq Biljou 1666 - Regional Archives in Leiden - Source:. 0506 - WJJC Bijleveld - Regionaal Archief Leiden (c) 1915 Probably 1666, the date of death of Jeacq Billiou is under Notes "weduwe" called (= widow) with no name there was also a daughter named. Abigail (born 1600 - died 1669 - also found in the Regional archive of suffering under the surname Balliou) and 1604. Anna, born Anna Walker, born Billiou - in Regional Archives suffering under the - dutch converted name "Anneke Bailliuw" to . As a groom find Nathanel Walker is called. Abigail was born on 10/22/1600 in Leiden (Netherlands) and died on 15/01/1669 in Plymouth in the state Massachusats (USA). She married on 10.22.1622 in Leiden, The Netherlands her husband John Dunham , Her nephew Pierre Billiou was born in 1625 and died on January 6, 1707 Stanton Iceland, Richmond, New York. The pedigrees with the ancestors of Ann Aime Billiou (born Barlow) and their children Anna, married. Walker, Abigail, married Dunham, Pierre and Jean Jacques Billiou Billiou (Jeacq Biljou) can - through the branch de Holland (from England) - traced back to the Middle Ages.

III. Jean Jacques Billiou (Jeacq Biljou) was born around 1595 in Wicres (La Bassee) in the department of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. He died probably in 1666 in Leiden. He had (unknown name) with his wife, a son named Jean, who lived from 1620 to 1715 in Plowen, Uckermark, Germany died. Jean Jacques had two sisters - Abigail (* 1600), who married at a young age John Dunham of England (1622). The youngest sister was Anna who married a Nathaniel Walker. As a witness and future father of Nathanael is mentioned in the notes Thomas Billiou (Tomas Bailliuw) in the database (Regional Archives Leiden). Wider maid of honor was Anna's sister Abigail, who was already married at the time with John Dunham from England. It is mistakenly called or perhaps even intentionally maiden name Barlow in the Anmmerkungen. Her mother Ann Aime, born Barlow was deceased (who held June 1622) as the banns on 28/05/1624. The Wedding of Anna was on 06/15/1624. Was (born in 1625) Pierre Billiou alongside Jean (* 1620), the second son of Jeacq Billiou (born about 1595). In connection with the various attributions is to say that the Billious französche were Protestants. This meant in those days, that was on the run or emigrated. So also understand that some data to the ancestors Billiou (Billau, Biljou, Balliou, Biljow) come from suffering and the emigrants (Abigail, married. Dunham, Anna, married. Walker and Pierre Billiou in the United States (for example on the passenger lists) can be found.

IV. Jean Billiau and Billaud (Bilyeu-Billiou) was born in 1620 Wicres in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. He married about 1655 in his first marriage Anne Dufosse (De Fosse). The wife Anne Dufosse was born about 1635 in northern France. The couple were among the French Protestants (Huguenots) who were persecuted in France for religious reasons. After the Edict of Fontainebleau in Jahr1685, but already many years ago, thousands of Huguenots fled to England, Holland and Germany. To those also included Jean Billaud, and Anne, born Dufosse. Your way first went to Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim. After 1670, they moved on to Plowen (Uckermark). The place is now one of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The children of the spouses were Mathias Billiot, born 1657 Abraham Billiau * 1670 (our branch), Anne Billiot * around the year 1680, Billiau Pierre (1680-1750) - the later Australian branch with Johann Billau, * 1790) and Isaac Billaut born around the year 1682.

V. Abraham Billaud (I) (1670-1726) - born in Ludwigshafen - Oggersheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, son of Jean Billaud from his marriage to Anne, born Dufosse; Abraham married on 07.07.1695 in Bergholz (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), formerly belonging to Brandenburg. He died on 19/09/1726 in Grimme (Uckermark). He was married to Marie Claire, born Tourbier, who was born in 1666 in the former county of Artois (Flanders). Marie Claire, born Tourbier died on 12.18.1726 in Grimme / Uckermark. Born in 1670 in Oggersheim Abraham Billaud (Billau) is one of the two founding fathers born in Germany Billiaus (Billau). The second son was his brother Pierre Billiau (* 1680), whose mother was Anne, born Dufosse (born 1635). Pierre Billiau basis, it was the subsequent line leading mid-19th century about Johann Billiau to Australia.

VI. Abraham Billaud (Billiau) II (1697-1775) - born on 12/12/1697 in Grimme in the Uckermark; married to Susanne, born La ram or Laramee (* 10.11.1694, Rossow / died on 30.04.1747 in Rossow. Abraham and Susan were married on 26.5.1716 in Bergholz, today Vorpommern. They had three sons: one son was our ancestor Isaac Billaud (born 11.01.1722), a grandfather of Rachel Lefevre, born Billau; Rachel was my Urururgroßmutter. Isaac (Jacob) Billau - son of Isaac - was married to Elisabeth, born Ropitail (1746-1792); these were the parents of Rachel Lefevre, born Billau (1790-1855).

The first son of Abraham (II) and Susanne was called, like his father, Abraham - born on June 17, 1719 Grimme, Bergholz, Brandenburg. Another son was named Pierre was born on November 21, 1720 in Grimme, Bergholz (today Vorpommern); married to Susanne Colier. Susanne Colier and Pierre Billau were married on 17 October 1755 in the French - Reformed Church in Bergholz, Brandenburg (or Vorpommern). Susanne Billaud was born on 30 April 1724 in Grimme, Bergholz. She was married to Jacques Betac. Susanne Billaud and Jacques Betac were married on 16 November 1742 in Bergholz, Battin, Brandenburg; another daughter was Elizabeth Billot, also married. A daughter Marie Billau was married to Louis Ducros. They married on October 17, 1755 in the French Reformed Church in Bergholz.

VII. Issac Billaud, born on 01/11/1722 in Grimme (to Bruessow) in the Uckermark. He married Esther Betac, born in Rossow, Mark Brandenburg / Uckermark. They had a son Issac (born on 09/25/1746 in Rossow). Isaac (* 1722) had a brother named Pierre, who was born about 1720. That Pierre Billaud was the father of Esther Billiau (* 1758), which in turn with Pierre Lefevre (d Elder.) - Whose second marriage also - was married. This revealed that - can be traced back two parallel branches on Billiou Thomas and his wife Ann Aime, born Barlow - even schedule a generation. For one thing, there is the branch with Rachel Lefevre, born Billau - married to Pierre Lefevre (d Younger.) - My Urururgroßeltern and the branch with Esther Lefevre, born Billiau - married to Pierre Lefevre (d Elder.) - My Ururururgroßeltern

VIII. Pierre Billaud, born in 1720, was the brother of Isaac (see above); Pierre's daughter Esther, born Billau (* 1758), later a married Lefevre. It creates a parallel line to Rachel Billau, married Lefevre (* 1790). Pierre Billaud so was also a son of Abraham Billaud (1697-1775) and his wife Susanne, born Laramee (La ram). Pierre Billaud was married to Susan, nee Collier (1732-1786), daughter of Isaac and Susan Collier, born Ducros.

IX. Issac (Jacob) Billau, (1746-1809) - Born on 25.09.1746 in Rossow in Pomerania, married on 09.11.1769 with Elisabeth Ropitail (born in Rossow id Uckermark). Issac (II) died on 12.02.1809 in Rossow. The couple had a daughter named Rachel, who was born on 19/11/1790 in Bergholz). The numbers in brackets name Jacob indicates that baptism record in Szczecin an erroneous entry was made in the birth in the parish register of the Protestant church (was with the data of the French Church in Berlin (Huguenot Museum) matched.

X. Rachel Billau (1790-1855) married on 15/10/1820 Pierre Lefevre (1793-1845) in Szczecin. They had a daughter named Louise Wilhelmina, who was born on 11.04.1823 in Szczecin. On 08/20/1845 Louise Wilhelmine Lefevre married mother her husband Ludwig Schmoldt (1822-1887), my great-great grandfather. The brothers and sisters of Rachel Lefevre, born Billau were Isaac (* 1770), Daniel (* 1773), Elizabeth (* 1781) and Esther, born in 1782. Rachel was thus the last daughter of Mr and Mrs Isaac (Jacob) Billau and Elisabeth born Ropitail.

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